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Amanda Lamb amanda.lamb at newbergoregon.gov
Mon Jan 24 11:56:03 PST 2022

We are tossing around the idea of adding a curriculum exchange in our children's department that would work much like our successful puzzle exchange and paperback book exchange for adults. We would keep the exchange to a shelf or two, clearing out anything in poor condition or that has been sitting for too long. Families would be encouraged to leave something in order to take something, but that would not be a requirement. We would also have a note discouraging the reselling of these exchanged materials.

We are not a school library - we are a public library - but we do have a large community of homeschoolers that use the library regularly as their school library. We have often been asked to purchase curriculum, which we do not do, or titles recommended by curriculums, which we sometimes do if they would circulate regularly throughout the broader community and can be easily found from our vendors. Has anyone else tried something like a curriculum exchange? Any positive stories or possible pitfalls? We have reached out to our homeschool communities to ask for their feedback as well, so this is still very much a work-in-progress idea.

Thanks in advance,

Amanda Lamb
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City of Newberg
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