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Sarah Marsh Sarah.Marsh at state.or.us
Wed Sep 24 08:57:48 PDT 2008

The following items are available from the Oregon State Library:

American Journal of Psychiatry  
            v.140 - 158; 1983-2001
Community Mental Health Journal  
            v.21 no.4, v.23 no.1, 3-4, v.24 no.1-4, v.26 no.4-5, v.27 no.1, 2, 5; 1971-1991
Future of Children
            v.2 no.1- v.14 no.2; 1992-2004
Health Affairs  
            v.5 no.2 - v.21 no.1, v.22 no.5, v.23 no.2-3, v.24 no.1, 3, 4, 6, v.25 no.2, 5; 
(missing v.16 no.2)
Health Services Research  
            v.28 no.4 - v.31 no.3; 1993-1996
Hospital and Community Psychiatry  
            v.17 no.1, v.25 no.1, v.31 no.7 - v.45 no.12; 1966-1994
(missing:  v.31 no.10, v.32 no.4, v.32 no.6, v.32 no.11, v.33 no.8, v.34 no.7-9, v.35 no.2-12, v.39 no.4, v.39 no.10, v.41 no.7, v.43 no.11, v.44 no.12, v.45 no.1, 3, 7)
International Journal of Epidemiology
            v.20 no.1-2 1991
            v.24 no.1 - v.26 no.6; 1995-1997
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology  
            v.33 no.3 - v.37 no.4; 1989-1993 (missing:  v.33 no.4, v.34 no.4)
Journal of Mental Health Administration 
            v.20 no.1 - v.24 no.2; 1993-1997
(missing:  v.20 no.3, 4, v.21 no.1, v.23 no. 1, 2, v.24 no.1)
Journal of NIH Research  
            v.1 no.3 - v.6 no.10; 1989-1994  (missing:  v.1 no.5-12, v.2 no.5, 12, v.4 no.12)
Journal of Practical Psychiatry and Behavioral Health  
            v.4 no.5, v.5 no.1-5, v.6 no.1; 1998-2000
Journal of Psychiatric Practice
            v.6 no.1; 2000
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice
            v.1 no.2; 1995
New Directions For Mental Health Services  
            No.45-49, 51-53, 59, 71; 1990-1996
Psychiatric Annals
            v.16 no.4 - v.17 no.9; 1986-1987
            v.18 no.5 - v.18 no.11; 1988
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal  
19/1 Sum 95 - 26/2 Fall 2002
Psychiatric Services
            v.46 no.1 - v.53 no.9, v.56 no.11-12, v.57 no.4, v.58 no.1, 6; 1995-2007
            (missing:  v.50 no.4, v.51 no.2-12, v.52 no.1, v.52 no.5, v.52 no.7, v.53 no.3, 5-7)
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal  
v.9 no.4, v.10 no.2, v.13 no.4, v.15 no.3-4, v.16 no.3-4, v.17 no.1-3, v.18 no.3; 1986-1995 
Schizophrenia Bulletin
            v.5 no.3 - v.10 no.1; 1979-1984
            (missing v.6 no.1, 4, v.7 no.1, 3-4, v.8 no.1,4)
            v.14 no.4 - v.18 no.2; 1988-1992
            (missing v.15 no.1)
            v.25 no.2 - v.27 no.4; 1999-2001
            (missing v.26 no.3)

If you are not on the courier, we may request reimbursement for postage.  We don't usually ask for reimbursement if it's under $5.00.

Sarah Marsh
Technical Services Specialist
Government Research Services
Oregon State Library
250 Winter St NE
Salem, OR 97301
sarah.marsh at state.or.us
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