[Libs-Or] One way to push back on Greedy Journal Publishers

Tony Greiner tony_greiner at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 26 18:25:36 PST 2011

I submitted an article to a professional journal (Not LJ- they pay!) and got some sort of garbage response about how I couldn't retain copyright and would not have reprint privileges. 
In response, I told them that I would pull the article unless I could retain reprint on online privileges. At that point, they told me that they signed those contracts only with companies, not individuals. 
So I created (in my head) Tony Greiner Enterprises, and sold it the rights to the article for 1 cent. I sent the article in again under the new company name, and said it would retain copyright and online right. The article was printed,  and I have reprinted the article and used it online.

Tony Greiner, President, CEO, and Proprietor of Tony Greiner Enterprises.

**tony_greiner at hotmail.com**

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