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Mischel, Carson CMISCHEL at westlinnoregon.gov
Fri Mar 16 13:31:37 PDT 2012

Hello everyone

We are in the process of choosing a new vendor for our public library's A/V needs and have narrowed the field down to a few choices but wanted to see if the wider library world had some wisdom to share on the subject. First of all, we are looking for a vendor with a wide selection of children's and adult materials including video games (Wii, DS, XBOX) , books on cd, music cds, and popular and educational DVDs. Preprocessing services would also be a requirement.

We are looking at a few including The AVCafe, Recorded Books, and BWI. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences (customer service, selection, web interfaces, etc..) with any of these or have any other recommendations of vendors that you have found to be the best? Any we should avoid at all costs :).

Thank you!
--Carson Mischel
West Linn Public Library


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