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The Oregon State Library has four sets of (six) posters (18 ½" by 26 ½") from SITES to promote the "I Want the Wide American Earth: An Asian Pacific American Story" Traveling Exhibition and as potential educational opportunity for patrons and students. There is an online component to the exhibition as well.

>From the website (http://sites.si.edu/asianpacificamericans/):

Based on the larger museum exhibition of the same name, I Want the Wide American Earth: An Asian Pacific <http://sites.si.edu/exhibitions/exhibits/asianPacificAmericans/index.htm> American Story<http://sites.si.edu/exhibitions/exhibits/asianPacificAmericans/index.htm>, SITES has developed a free poster set for distribution through partners including Teaching Tolerance<http://www.tolerance.org/>, the American Library Association<http://www.ala.org/>, and other groups. Rich with interesting, often surprising stories, this set of eight visually compelling educational posters takes a sweeping look at a little-known chapter in American history, from the very first Asian immigrants to the influx of highly skilled workers many decades later. The posters offer students, regardless of heritage and family history, the opportunity to be engaged and inspired through related activities and lessons in social studies, creative writing, art, and communications.

Digital resources for teachers, families, and communities<http://www.tolerance.org/publication/discussion-questions-i-want-wide-american-earth>, created by Teaching Tolerance, can be downloaded on this web page. Also included here are an exhibitor's poster handbook<http://sites.si.edu/asianpacificamericanposters/I%20Want%20the%20Wide%20American%20Earth%20Posters%20Handbook.pdf> with instructions for mounting, installing, and promoting the posters and a downloadable .pdf for each poster should you or your colleagues want to print additional sets.

If you would like (and will use!) a set of these posters, please contact me<mailto:darci.hanning at state.or.us> (first come, first serve), we will pay for postage (media/library rate).

And you may want to work with a local institution to bring this exhibition to your community as well :) More information is available here: http://sites.si.edu/exhibitions/exhibits/asianPacificAmericans/index.htm


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