[Libs-Or] question for the catalogers (LC)

Bryan Miyagishima miyagib at linnbenton.edu
Wed Aug 14 11:02:43 PDT 2013

So, while helping shift the stacks today, I came across Victor Klemperer's
memoir,* I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years* with the call no.
PC 2064.K5  . A cursory search of Worldcat shows this call number to be
consistent for most academic libraries here in the PNW. The problem is that
this call number places the book smack dab in the middle of our foreign
language instructional materials (which this clearly is not). I'm thinking
that a better spot would be amidst biographies/memoirs by Holocaust
survivors - this is not appropriate either, however.

At the risk of starting a heated discussion, does anyone have a better LC
call number suggestion for this particular item? Or, convince me that this
is the best spot. (I know that I can do this myself, but what good is the
hive mind if you don't take advantage of it?)

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