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dan cawley librarybusiness at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 23 10:45:09 PST 2016

Quick question re: adding items to Library2Go.

We have $700 earmarked for "Advantage" titles through Library2Go.
It's not a huge sum but we would like to maximize our dollar value.
When purchasing Advantage titles, what is the most cost-effective criteria for selection?
In the past, we simply purchased the item with the highest number of pending, local patron holds.
Looking around the website, I discovered holds-ratios for both advantage and non-advantage items.
I cannot help but wonder if we should be factoring holds-ratios as opposed to waiting lists when ordering titles.
Any and all advice is welcomed.
 Dan CawleySeaside Public Library503.738.6742 http://library.cityofseaside.us/
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