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Out-of-Pocket Cost Sheet

It's that time once again!

OEBB would like to give you the opportunity to provide your educational
entity Out-of-Pocket Cost Sheet for the upcoming 2011-12 Plan Year. This
will allow your employees to review their costs/contributions online
while enrolling in benefits during the 2011-12 open enrollment period
from August 15th through September 15th.


OEBB Out-of Pocket Cost Sheet Guidelines

*         Please submit one document (with all your plan selections)
which will represent the Out-of-Pocket Cost Sheet as indicated per
educational entity. Remember, this means all your employee/member types
will utilize the same document. So, if I am a Licensed-Full-time/OEA
employee, I will also see the costs/contributions for
Classified-Full-time/OSEA employees for my entity.

*         Employees from your educational entity will only see the
Out-of-Pocket Cost Sheet for their school. So, if I work at the Astoria
School District I won't see the Tillamook School District Out of Pocket
Cost Sheet; I will only see the Astoria document.

*         Please make sure your document is accurate as OEBB will not
take responsibility for the accuracy and/or completeness of the
Out-of-Pocket Cost Sheet provided.

*         If your educational entity should choose not to submit an
Out-of-Pocket Cost Sheet, OEBB will provide a statement directing the
employee to contact their educational entity benefits office.

How do I submit my Out- of- Pocket Cost Sheet?

*         OEBB will allow one Word or Excel document per educational

*         We are asking that you send this document to Lynn Pancoast via
email no later than July 29th. Due to the nature of this document OEBB
cannot accept this document via fax, scan or hard copy.

lynn.m.pancoast at state.or.us


Need OEBB assistance? Call 1 (888) 4MY-OEBB!

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