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Good morning!

I am the current President of the Oregon State Fiscal Association. OSFA has a seven-member board of directors, with rotating 2-year memberships. Four positions open up one year, three the following year. The board of directors is made up of State of Oregon accounting and fiscal employees, which is a mixture of classified and unclassified/management. We are actively seeking new potential members with strong people, planning and organization skills.

The annual OSFA conference offers state employees an opportunity to brush up on and learn new job skills, and network with people from other state agencies with whom they might otherwise never meet. Many years-long friendships are born from meeting at the OSFA conference.

In the past, OSFA enjoyed strong support from state agencies. More recently due to state budget cuts and reduced conference attendance, the conference has scaled back its size to contain costs and maintain registration rates at the same level it has offered for the past several years. It is a challenging time to be on the board, but a fun time.

Board membership, during the months from June through December, typically requires about one - two hour per month commitment, which is primarily attendance at the monthly board meeting and board officer duties. During the months from January thru end of April/beginning of May, the monthly time commitment goes up to approximately 5 - 6 hours per month. Most of this time is spent attending board meetings and recruiting presenters to host conference breakout sessions. Additional time may be spent if you are a board officer. Most board members attend the all-day conference (end of April/beginning of May). Once per year the board has a Saturday planning meeting where next year's board members are elected and a strategic agenda is planned for the next year.

At this time, we have one member who has stated she is unable to complete her two-year term, and two openings for full two year board membership. If you are interested, please consider attending either today's noon hour meeting in room 556 at HSB or contact me to find out the time of the next meeting.

Thank-you for your interest in supporting OSFA!

Dawn Young, 2012 - 2013 OSFA President

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