[OSFA] An Open Letter to OSFA list subscribers

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Note: OSFA is currently experiencing Technical Difficulties in getting the 2013 OSFA Conference registration form on its website (we're accountants and fiscal professionals - not IT folks!). But, registration is open. Please use the attached form to register for this year's conference. We are working through the website issues, and will let you know when the registration form is available on the OSFA website. Thank-you for your patience!

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An Open Letter from the Oregon State Fiscal Association Board of Directors:

The Oregon State Fiscal Association was formed in late 1988 "to promote employee professionalism and encourage professional development among state employees... for the goal and purpose of fostering competence, productivity, and professionalism of finance professionals in Oregon state government."

Early in its inception OSFA thrived. State, city and county governments had large training budgets, which supported regular conference attendance between 200 - 250 people.

In recent years, cuts in training budgets have resulted in dwindling OSFA conference attendance. Despite efforts to maintain low conference registration costs through intense conference facility contract negotiations, year after year the OSFA conference has operated in the red.

Conference planning by the OSFA Board of Directors begins each June with the same routine: research conference facilities in the Salem area that bundle audio-visual equipment with tech support; chairs and tables that don't need to be rented and set up/taken back by board members; and affordable lunch or catering options. The Board does an annual cost analysis comparing three to five different locations. Last year, a suggestion was made to look at Winema Events, located at the Winema Chemeketa Community College campus on Lancaster Drive in Salem. It is a smaller facility, limiting conference attendance to 100 registrants. After much deliberation and cost comparison by the board, the decision was made to host the May 7, 2013 OSFA Conference at Winema Events.

In order to continue serving the needs of the State fiscal employees and for future conference planning, the OSFA board will track the total number of people who register and attempt to register at this year's conference. Depending on demand and input from members and agencies, OSFA may move the 2014 conference to a larger location to allow for larger attendance.

Thank you for understanding OSFA's cost-saving move to a smaller venue and for continuing to support the Oregon State Fiscal Association. If you would like to know more about what went into the board's decision to move the 2013 conference location, please feel free to contact any board member. We look forward to seeing you at the May 7, 2013 conference!


The 2013 Oregon State Fiscal Association Board of Directors
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