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Hi!  I thought you all would be interested to learn that in 2010 Eastern Connecticut State University's Center for Early Childhood Education launched an annual study "that looks at how young children in natural settings play with a variety of toys. Each year, nominated toys are placed in preschool classrooms and videotaped using remote cameras. Researchers use a scientific instrument to determine which toys best promote children's development in three areas: thinking and learning, social interaction and cooperation, and self-expression and imaginative play." The study is called Toys That Inspire Mindful Play and Nurture Imagination, but for short it is called: The TIMPANI Toy Study.

This year's winner? Tinkertoys!  Read more: http://nutmeg.easternct.edu/mt-static/early_childhood_education/2011/11/tinkertoys-determined-to-be-timpani-toy-of-2011.html

Last year's winner? Wooden vehicles and traffic signs!  Read more: http://www.easternct.edu/mt-static/press_releases/2010/11/timpani-research-reveals-best-toy-for-children.html

Things to keep in mind:

*         Toys examined in the study are nominate.  We don't know who nominates them nor which toys were nominated.  We do know that this is not an examination of all toys on the market.

*         The study takes place in preschool classrooms, not children's homes.  We know that environment and the adult present have an impact on child behavior, we don't know how that differs from classroom to classroom nor how children may play with these toys in their own homes.

*         The way children in this study play with the winning toys is getting the outcomes we strive to reach with the children we work with during home visits, storytimes, and other programs. This is certainly something to watch  in the future!

*         This study just started last year so there are only two annual winners thus far.

This may be something to share with families as they are shoping for holiday gifts.

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