[RFHF] Print Awareness and the iPad

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How about this article from School Library Journal: eReader Users Likely to Read More, Buy More Books
And another on iPads/Kindles in school libraries:http://www.libraryjournal.com/slj/home/889110-312/the_kindles__are_coming.html.csp

I think this is an awesome change, because no matter how or on what kids are reading, I have great hopes that this is just another way kids will be exposed to reading, which is good news for print awareness.

I have a three year old who touches the computer screen because he sees his dad use his iPhone. My son's expectations about how he can find stories and information and what he can do with it will be different than mine. So what can we do to meet those needs?

I hope that in the next few years we will have iPads for kids to check-out for in-library use (and then we can use space once reserved for computer stations for seating that is in inviting, or more bookshelves!).
I'm working on list of apps that encourage early literacy skills and reading skills for parents.
Hmm... Not sure what else yet, but I'm on the look-out, what are your ideas?


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Here is a video of a 1-year-old growing up around iPad who is then given a magazine. Notice how she tries to turn the magazine pages by sliding and pressing her fingers.   ow.ly/1yzKXW<http://t.co/ft3MEMCk>

Food for thought:

*         What might the implications be for her learning to read?

*         Is this something to be concerned about or are the times changing?

*         If you think this is a concern, when and how should we family support workers and librarian talk with parents about this issue?

*         If you think the times are changing, how should we family support workers and librarian change to support children and families like the one portrayed in the video?

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