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Hello! I usually like to read articles thoroughly and share the most poignant tidbits in the body of the email to help you save time, but the focus of this month's Reading Rocket newsletter is reading comprehension. Most of the articles will focus on this topic and I know many of you are starting to delve into figuring what comes next after early literacy. How do kids actually learn to read? How do teacher teach reading comprehension? How can libraries support learning to read too?

Hopefully this newsletter will have one or more articles that will help you in your quest!

If this topic is of interest to you, I also highly recommend you look at Barbara Steinberg's 2012 OLA Conference session materials on this topic. They are available online at Northwest Central: http://www.nwcentral.org/becoming-thinkers-helping-young-readers-dig-deeper

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February 2013 Newsletter

*        In Focus: Comprehension
*        Books & Authors: Interview with David Small and Sarah Stewart | New booklist: Caldecott artists | Black History Month | Author studies toolkit
*        Ideas for Educators: Flipping the elementary classroom | Top 25 resources for Digital Learning Day | Valentine's Day and writing | Constructed responses in the Common Core classroom
*        Ideas for Parents: Detectives and explorers | Top 12 comprehension apps | Parent roadmaps to the Common Core | New to disability?
*        Research & News: From STEM to STEAM | Children's complex thinking skills

[In focus]
In Focus: Comprehension
Featured Strategy: Reciprocal Teaching [Video icon] <http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=rhomyVhXkMEg3n_qQn4uRw>

Summarizer, Questioner, Clarifier, Predictor. With this comprehension strategy, kids take on active roles in guiding group discussions about text. In a video clip from our Launching Young Readers series, grab a seat at the table at a Seattle elementary classroom where the "students take charge." The teacher models the technique by starting with a strong "main idea" question.
See reciprocal teaching strategy ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=M3lS4qHDhyoEY4_8x3NG7A>
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See more comprehension strategies ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=3ZOTTXP9igMyednjPl55SA>
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Related article:
Reciprocal Teaching for the Primary Grades: "We Can Do It, Too!"<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=_Tl7F2HKnvCened1hDo3sA>
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What's the Big Idea? [Video icon] <http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=2h3r9GmCx3Htfqnv8VhLxA>

Sit in on Katie Bannon's third grade class as she helps her students develop simple strategies for finding the main idea in a text. Watch as she uses a whole-group reading, turn-and-talk, and class discussion to model critical thinking. Bannon then gives the kids a chance to try the strategies themselves in their own small groups.
See Teaching Channel video ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=krBazwQX8sKXuJuieYrHCA>
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Related resources:
*        Think-Pair-Share strategy<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=c_mVePruV7paZ77u9zTxYw>
*        "Buddy Talk" in the Common Core Classroom<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=SQTCLhpnIHcMAkIiDFZKPw>
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How We Neglect Knowledge and Why<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=ASqBgwDwH_kFLcJDfit58g>

Background knowledge is crucial to a child's academic success. Young children need broad and deep exposure to informational text and rich vocabulary in order to develop more complex thinking skills. In this thought-provoking article by Susan Neuman, find out how and why important content has been squeezed out of many early elementary classrooms.
Read article ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=Spd__bG4cDJIK-EqtYy2Pg>
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For parents:

Mission Critical: Reading Together to Build Critical Thinking Skills<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=VsFY8IZvg3aCxQi35hzlKw>
Critical thinking, the ability to think deeply about a topic or a book, is an essential skill for children to develop. Critical thinking doesn't develop overnight. It's something that develops and builds through conversations and experiences. It's also something parents can nurture by sharing quality books with their children.
Read article (in English and Spanish) ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=WHPamPLAUoI7WmGd-4DRuA>
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See all comprehension resources ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=p5vEEgCoN1T5-BfabHOB3A>
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[Books & Authors]
Books & Authors
The Quiet Place: Our Interview with David Small and
Sarah Stewart [Video icon] <http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=R4RaB3f3HZDbD6kuL3rMnw>

Writer Sarah Stewart and artist David Small - married for more than 30 years - like to occasionally collaborate on books. Together, they've published a number of award-winning picture books, including The Journey, The Library, and the Caldecott Honor Book, The Gardener. The secret to their collaboration? Give each other the space to be creative and tell the story in their own way. Listen in as Small describes how he created the evocative blue-hued illustration for the endpapers in their newest book, The Quiet Place.
Watch new video interview ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=ekt8AIleBr16USxxTVSuGg>
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Celebrating Black History Month<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=Vu9Yvn8PjiemcRGQvkqfvg>

Explore the extraordinary achievements of African Americans through stories, biography, and literacy activities. In our Black History Month<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=3ew7W3Kz5Ut6Ar1giG695Q> section, you'll discover great online resources for school and home. Take a journey on the Underground Railroad through National Geographic's interactive website - sure to inspire conversations in class and around the kitchen table. Discover ideas for collecting and sharing family stories or stretch creative writing muscles with prompts inspired by James Ransome and Patricia and Fred McKissack. Watch video interviews with award-winning writers and illustrators, and browse our children's books featuring the lives of artists, musicians, writers, athletes, civil rights leaders, and African American families.
See Black History Month resources ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=TC8fFQzydltoDW5iDtiAsg>
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Incredible stories of bravery, resolve, and triumph.
Freedom Stories ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=8iFbk32M2xCoM17QDkaBzw>
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Little Treasures: Other Great Books from Caldecott Artists<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=068dcepg71CFcpHJ_urkPw>

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the Caldecott, we've gathered up a collection of wonderful picture books that celebrate the expressive work of 10 gifted illustrators. Can you name the medal-winning book by each artist? (No look-ups - or asking Siri - allowed!)
See new booklist ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=baqcg9ywv3-lE1_346E-_g>
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Author Study Toolkit<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=EusZNmduaqe7Tn44HMi9kQ>

>From setting a purpose for your study, to choosing and researching the author (see our collection of video interviews<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=c6R3XNiBX9mkfy5io_NKqw>), to developing a culminating project - our Author Study Toolkit will help you create rich, engaging classroom experiences. A comprehensive bibliography of print and online resources is included.
See toolkit ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=q7J3N7p470Ta8qRpGHp6GQ>
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Ideas for Educators
Flipping the Elementary Classroom<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=p6tUeezVk5eG5Y8tRfBLpA>

At the heart of the flipped classroom model is the desire to make classrooms more active and engaging, and to give teachers more time to interact directly with students in small group or individual settings. At the elementary level, the "flip" has less to do with replacing lecture material and more to do with providing background knowledge on a topic before it's taught. Our research director and blogger, Joanne Meier, describes how she might use the flipped classroom model in teaching a second grade unit on explorers. In this post, you'll also find links to more resources on flipped classrooms for younger learners.
See blog post ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=aD9GYZ9a9fsPRXr7Br1puw>
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To share with parents:
Flipped Classrooms and Flipped Lessons: What Does It Mean for Parents?<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=JH1medILlwSipb_QGYGteQ> [In English and Spanish]
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The Common Core Classroom: Constructed Responses<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=eZewRbjsLSB_CUl8xFwvMA>

"When kids are faced with constructed response questions, they need to have strategies in their tool belt to feel confident attacking them." Our teacher blogger Emily Stewart shares the 4-step approach her students use: restate the question, answer the question, cite evidence, and explain the answer. This supports her young writers in developing solid paragraph structure - the bells and whistles can come later. You'll also find Emily's links to helpful rubrics.
Read blog post ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=X4atv5e_qCCfWUlkJeVdNg>
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Top 25 Resources for Digital Learning<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=S6PsIg7sjFV38-iHYGtULQ>

The second annual Digital Learning Day is on February 6th - bringing special focus to the effective use of technology in classrooms across the country. Dig into this rich multimedia resource library from Edutopia. Topics include flipped classrooms, connecting project-based and blended learning, game-based learning, how to be a good digital citizen, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) classroom models, and more.
Visit Edutopia website ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=8efG3fjYETusEJRoSq1-_A>
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Valentine's Day: We [heart icon] Writing<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=T2pHl_FcOOSOjoZsQKVPYw>

Valentine's Day as a perfect opportunity to practice creative writing skills - and take a fresh look at poetry, figurative language, and word play. Kids can experiment with new poetry forms like Korean sijo and cinquain. Special video feature: a visit with children's writer Laura Elliott, author of A String of Hearts who shares wonderful ideas to spark creativity with words and art.
See Valentine's Day writing activities ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=VObaeYzT0CbQ128A5nNn4w>
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Send a String of Hearts e-card ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=u4f6BuYNrQvxa7DbBTF0jQ>
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[Ideas for Parents]
Ideas for Parents
Calling All Archaeologists, Astronauts, and Secret Agents!<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=VY4DXLjPpzAbKOkE4KqFzg>

Do you have a junior Sherlock Holmes in your house? Kids are fascinated by the who-what-why-where-when-ness of the world around them - from the deep ocean floor to the Milky Way and everything in between. Nourish their natural curiosity with our handpicked collection of fiction and nonfiction picture books, hands-on activities, interactive apps, online resources for deeper learning, and more.
See Detectives and Explorers ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=-J0Eaf20SGD3OOQ1jWH6fA>
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Browse 23 more kid-friendly themes at our sister site, Start with a Book<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=6zs28t4ZfvpNZsuLqX5A3w>.
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Related resources:
*        Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=QGPPKOn54ij89WQNYJJZuA>
*        KidSpy Zone: The Language of Espionage<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=lcSBRZqYS2laGfBH_enH2w>
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Top 12 Comprehension Apps<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=AXBfjQyyRs85l8kKPSoIcQ>

Give your child practice with a range of comprehension skills: sequencing, inference, differentiating between fact and opinion, reading for details, developing word awareness (through antonyms, synonyms, and homophones), and mind mapping. Starring Aesop, Garfield, young magicians Luna and Leo, and other kid-friendly characters.
See apps slideshow ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=_k1sQSACrbEqVrisOrMeXA>
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Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=GcCWcLztI4bBG8qKHKpHVA>

>From the Council of Great City Schools, these grade-specific K-3 guides explain what your child will be learning in ELA and literacy and offer tips on communicating with teachers about your child's work and how to support learning at home. (In English and Spanish)
See Common Core guides ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=WgHKoPlQYYQkMEI-ioTT4g>
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New to Disability?<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=r2x8_bGIfi__uhg9UaBFMw>

Our friends at the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) can help, offering a reassuring voice and practical step-by-step guidance to resources and support. "Here at NICHCY we talk to many parents who've just learned that their child has a disability. Many wonder and worry that the disability means their child cannot learn or must now be educated in a separate classroom, away from friends and peers without disabilities. Not true. As you learn more about the special education system and how it works, you'll find that IDEA actually prefers students being educated together in the regular classroom."
Visit NICHCY ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=LZ7hpKm8AEvE7qJewwtVLw>
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[Research & News]
Research & News
Full STEAM Ahead<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=JdGJ3Z7a17dCzbPLmg3-7Q>

There's been lots of energy recently around STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to ensure that U.S. kids will be competitive in the global economy. Now there's a push to put an art and design at the very center of STEM. Advocates for the STEM to STEAM initiative (led by the Rhode Island School of Design) say that this integrated approach supports innovative problem-solving - while enhancing creative thinking and student engagement.
Read article from eSchool News ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=hCAg6VPrIawmfw8Q0ErdgA>
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Learn more about the STEM to STEAM initiative ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=TtWWaxaPQ0JJqxegwyeYOg>
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Children's Complex Thinking Skills Begin Before Going to School<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=mm8sn0XBpKlQSaIw_Y313A>

New research at the University of Chicago and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that children begin to show signs of higher-level thinking skills as young as age 4-1/2. Researchers have previously attributed higher order thinking development to knowledge acquisition and better schooling, but the new longitudinal study shows that other skills, not always connected with knowledge (such as executive function), play a role in the ability of children to reason analytically.
See article from Science Daily ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=i5rrpWyYPgLNegXS5OJnOQ>
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See research study ><http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=jckS5LMgelfQ50h25zupcw>
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"A book holds a house of gold"
- Chinese Proverb

Stories for the Chinese New Year<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=YYS4RMX-F-8UnstEipqIPg>

[Growing Readers]<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=4y11xSMmhiVoBupLCR_KMA>

[Start with a Book]<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=YVJXt2IGWFNT2pIQLSABhw>

[Valentine's Day]<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=ry_S1wjpeEUN__5lxohmhw>

[NCTE Black Caucus African-American Read-In]<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=LNBI70Fp2kXFluaMf6XsXw>

[Read Across America]<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=-F9FBRBAF5uP96wVFnDz6Q>

[Dr. Seuss Read Across America]<http://support.weta.org/site/R?i=QNM2kVLQiAlUOlabk8rNbA>

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