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MyOEBB has opened Plan Year 2011-12


Plan selection goes through Friday, June 17th


For access to the rates and plan designs please click on the link below:




The Board made some significant changes to Providence Medical Plans 2
and 2A and ODS Medical Plan 4.  Beginning October 1, 2011, these plans
will have limited provider networks which means they will only be
available in certain parts of Oregon.  ODS Medical Plan 4 will be
available in Multnomah, Clackamas, Yamhill, Clark, Marion, Polk, and
Washington counties.  Providence Plans 2 and 2A will require the use of
medical home clinics and practitioners that are located in many, but not
all areas of the state.  Also, the Board voted to discontinue the
following plans: 

*         ODS Vision Plan 5

*         ODS Dental Plan 5

*         ODS Dental Plan 5/Ortho

*         Willamette Dental Plan 7/Ortho Alt 2

*         Kaiser Dental Plan 7

*         Kaiser Dental Plan 7/Ortho Alt 1 (Plan A)

*         Kaiser Dental Plan 7/Ortho Alt 2 (Plan B)

*         Kaiser Dental Plan 8/Ortho Alt 1 (Plan A)

These plans will terminate on September 30, 2011, and will not be
available for selection during EE Plan Management.  This will mean some
entities and/or employee groups may need to select different plans
during this EE Plan Management timeframe to continue to offer choices to


Plan selection will go through Friday, June 17th.  We ask that entities
enter the MyOEBB Admin Module during this time to select new plan
offerings for their employee groups or simply confirm existing plan
offerings if no changes are necessary or desired.  During this time OEBB
staff will also be presenting these changes to Insurance Committees at
meetings scheduled throughout the state and will be available to assist
your educational entity with benefit plan selections.  You can contact
an OEBB Benefit Analyst 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday with
questions concerning EE Plan Management at 1-888-469-6322 or by emailing
us at OEBB.benefits at state.or.us.  Our goal is to make this plan
selection time period as easy as possible for your Insurance Committee
and benefit staff.  Let us know how we can help or if you have any



Linda Tullis

Benefits Manager

Oregon Educators Benefit Board

1225 Ferry Street SE

Salem, OR 97301

Office:  (503) 378-3329

Fax:  (503) 378-5832

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